This is a street project that was developed in 2001.  It provides for the activation of a Mobile Unit, with whom the operators – mediators in Arabic and Nigerian languages and experts in harm reduction – carry out 5 weekly outings to the most densely populated areas where users of psychoactive substances congregate.  The project’s mission is the protection and safe-guarding of health, with a medical mandate for the provision of health defence tools aimed at the prevention of infection from HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B, other sexually transmitted diseases and overdose.

Through empowerment,  the reinforcement of self-esteem and self-efficacy, the individual is called upon to determine their own destiny. The operators carry out counselling services, making that shift from low to high, and through a total absence of judgement, they develop the capacity to empathise with the individual and help them out of their situation.

In parallel, an indirect relationship with the urban population impacted by the phenomenon of substance consumption is instilled. Working on social stigma, we try to present a different picture and operate as mediators in conflicts that arise between citizens and institutions.

Our street unit operators have been working in vast areas of Florence over the last ten years, but due to the territorial fragmentation of substance consumption, CAT has highlighted the need to intervene in other parts of the region as well.


This project, initiated in 2015, aims to help active substance abusers, especially those who inject. With the help of a Mobile Unit, they work in the area and go on four outings every week. The multidisciplinary team – psychologists, educators and social workers – hand out sterile equipment with the objective of reducing the number of infections, provide orientation and referrals to social services, all while working in strict collaboration with Addiction Services (Ser.D) in Prato.


This project, initiated in October 2017, is different from the other Outsider projects in the Region: it intervenes on a socio-educational level aimed at prevention in the younger population in the Siena area. Following the nature of consumption types and methods, it intervenes both in the framework of prevention of use of psychoactive substances and in the field of animation. The mission is to encourage leadership and activism in the area by providing the instruments needed to reach the target and prevent risks.

Contacts: Valentina Menzella, Sara Contanessi, Nicoletta Zocco

Commissioned by: CNCA Toscana, P.O. Immigration and social marginality, ASL, Addiction Services (SerD) in Prato, Prato City Council, Società della Salute in Siena

Located in: Prato and Siena Districts