Firenze Vivibile – Pitstop

Firenze Vivibile is a project that deals with urban night-life, redesigning the management policies of the squares in the historical centre. In the Santo Spirito and Santa Croce areas, there are stewards and operators, working in collaboration with a team from Mediazione Artistica, who intervene as mediators between the business managers, the inhabitants and users of the squares, through performance street activities.

The aim is to attract the user’s attention and to facilitate the spreading and comprehension of messages that advocate respectful, proactive behaviour in relation to conscious alcohol consumption, silence, the environment, violence and safety. Among the experimental animation activities carried out during the summer, the Silent Disco is a big hit; a silent form of entertainment in an effort to redesign the square, promoting values such as: education, awareness, volume control, harm reduction etc.

Contact: Stefano Bertoletti

Commissioned by: Florence City Council

Located in: Piazza Santa Croce/ Santo Spirito

Pit Stop- paths for a safe night in the city

Pit Stop carries out interventions for the prevention of accidents on the street in the context of night-life entertainment for young people in the Florentine area – in the  areas between the city centre and the suburbs – and in the Mugello area. The project is aimed at people who attend and organise festivals and events, at bar managers and Council Administrations, promoting the creation of a network that encourages a style of night-life that is oriented towards the protection of both the individual’s health and that of the society as a whole.

The main initiatives of the project are:

  • Sensitivity Campaign  that promotes the concept of the Designated Driver and other forms of alternative transportation.
  • Setting up Info-points and Chill Out Zones within festival settings and late night bars.
  • Dedicated shuttle-bus service
  • Street Unit Operators and Artistic Mediation Performances on public transport (tram system)
  • Workshops with event organisers and bar managers (Manifesto for Good Practices and Prevention of Road Accidents) as well as with young people, to create communication tools (Cartoline G.D.)
  • Lifestyle research, in collaboration with A.R.S.
  • Contact: Valentina Menzella
  • Commissioned by:  contribution from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Antidrug Policy Department
  • Located in: The Metropolitan City of Florence and Mugello