C.A.T. has worked in the prison sector since 2007 and runs projects based on health-protection (prevention against infectious diseases, educational activities for drug-addicts) and projects in the drug-treatment sector (expressive, artistic and educational workshops). In the Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano our operator has joined the Addiction Services staff in providing socio-medical orientation to detainees with drug-addiction and  follows the group programmes run by our experts: theatre, music therapy, yoga and autobiographical and photography language.

From 2019, C.A.T. coordinates Cultural Activity groups in both Sollicciano and Gozzini (music, dance, creative writing, murals, ceramics, dog-therapy), and manages the Operatore di Sezione in Solliciano, aimed at promoting and stimulating participation in the activities. Since 2014, there has been a rap music workshop in place at the M. Gozzini minimum supervision residential institute, run under our Sbarre Mic Check label (link). Over the years we have run Teatro dell’Oppresso programmes and tattoo workshops, we have also worked with the Dogaia Institution in Prato and the Judicial Psychiatric Hospital (OPG) in Montelupo. With projects such as “Lumen” and “Issare”, we work with people in external correctional facilities with the aim of supporting their network of social and family relations and to promote their re-integration into the socio-economic sector. We also participate in the coordination of Theatre in Tuscan Prisons.

  • Contact: Daniele Bertusi
  • Commissioned by: USL Central Health-board, Region of Tuscany, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
  • Located in: Via Girolamo Minervini 2r, Sollicciano, Gozzini, Florence Metropolitan Urban Area.


C.A.T. has worked at the Penal Institution for Minors in Florence (since 2007) and in Pontremoli  (since 2016) in the area of Education, with activities aimed at providing young people with artistic, expressive, relational and working skills. In Florence, since 2007, we have run a rap music workshop, from which our label Sbarre Mic Check was born as well as a Cultural-linguistic Mediation service.

In Pontremoli (a female institution) two of our operators work in the Educational Sector and manage drug treatment activities carried out by our experts: music therapy, gymnastics, sewing, hair-dressing, photography and publishing.  In the local area, through the “Tournant” project, we help a group of young people under the care of the Social Services Office for Minors (USSM) in programmes based on challenge (Messa alla Prova), academia, training and work placements.

  • Contact: Daniele Bertusi (mail)
  • Commissioned by: Region of Tuscany, IPM Firenze, IPM Pontremoli, CGM di Firenze
  • Located in: Via degli Orti Oricellari, 18, Firenze, Via IV Novembre 15, Pontremoli, Florence Metropolitan Urban Area.