Youth Centres

The Sala Gialla Youth Centre and the Giovani Nidiaci Youth Centre are two spaces aimed at giving support, organising social gatherings and welcoming young people from the local area who are aged between 11 and 29 years of age.


Sala Gialla is located in the San Jacopino area, within the walls of a school facility and it houses a music rehearsal room called “Peppino Impastato”; it is a soundproofed room, about 40m2 in size, where young people can meet and dedicate themselves to creative activities and receive academic support. Every month, there are meetings based on delicate themes such as addiction, the law, health issues. These are occasions where young people can exchange information as a group. Among the various educational and artistic activities that have been on offer over the years, there is the rap laboratory, Sbarre Mic Check, a working model that has by now become a record label.  It is a collective project that gathers MCs and producers from Florence and its surrounds, to produce a mixtape with original hip-hop values within the perspective of social inclusion.


Nidiaci is located in the old San Frediano quarter, at the back of the Carmine Church, inside an old glasshouse and garden that was donated by Nidiace, a lawyer, in 1954 “for young people who need air and want light”. One of the first youth centres that ever opened in Italy (since 1923) it has maintained its function as a space dedicated to minors aged between 11 and 18 years who are resident in the local area. Our qualified staff carry out a series of activities for the service users such as social gatherings, sporting events (football and volleyball), recreational exercises and academic support. A major attraction of the centre is the football pitch, for the exclusive use of kids in this age group. There is also a street art laboratory by Ninjaz which has become more and more successful over the years, teaching the art of spray-painting  Run-down walls become the canvasses upon which to paint, a chance for the young people to express themselves but even more so contribute towards the embellishment of the urban fabric of the city.

Contact: Andrea Antonini

Centro Giovani Sala Gialla: via Felice Fontana, 22

Centro giovani  “Nidiaci”: via Dell’Ardiglione 30/a.

Commissioned by: Florence City Council Quartiere 1– Youth Policies