Regional support for minors

This service offers educational interventions for minors who are followed by SMIA (Mental Health in Infancy and Adolescence – Health-board), where each individual has his/her own developmental therapeutic programme. The educator works in synergy with the various people who are in charge of the minor.  Interventions are carried out at home and/or in local institutions and they concentrate mainly on socialisation, academic and training support, parental assistance and reinforcing self-esteem.

The minors in question have various problems: social difficulties, social withdrawal, eating disorders etc. Individual educational projects are implemented in each case. The objective is to energise the individual, help them to get back on track, enable social interaction and guide them in discovering their local area.

A relationship based on trust and collaboration is established with the minors, through one-to-one home-based work. The families themselves become part of the project, both because the family and social network must become a resource to be valued in the growth process, and because often they are the root cause of the minor’s problems.


USL Centro (Central Health-board) – Mental Health in Infancy and Adolescence in the North-west Florentine district


North-west Florentine district (Sesto Fiorentino, Campi Bisenzio, Calenzano, Scandicci, Lastra a Signa, Signa).


Initiated projects vary in duration. In one year, between 12 to 15 minors are assisted.