Camerata Family Therapy Centre

CAT has collaborated with the Camerata Hospital Unit since 2014. Together we provide consultation, therapy and support services for families and for couples. The Family Therapy Centre (CTF) works primarily on highly complex second level intervention cases from a corporate user base.The user can access the service directly or through referral from local social services: MOM, hospital services. With the help of the team, the following services are on offer: collection and compilation of family paperwork; investigation in order to identify the correct and most suitable type of intervention (on an individual basis, in couple, or as a family), either first or second level; encouraging contact with the referring parties, organisation of team discussions on each case aimed at assigning the case to the relevant group; planning the carrying out of ongoing checks; following the development of the therapeutic programme in all its phases (providing information to the families over the phone, recording interventions, maintaining contact with the family and the operators involved in the case) and, finally, leading consultation and support groups.

Contact: Giovanna Campioni

Located in: Camerata Clinic, San Domenico.

Commissioned by: Health Board ASL 10