“Poggio Valle” Residencial Community

The “Insieme Poggio Valle” Pedagogical Rehabilitation Residential Community puts forward personalised programmes aimed at people with problems relating to psychoactive substances and alcohol addiction, including those in drug replacement therapy. The programmes are based on living together as a group, personal accountability, daily management, interpersonal relations and the management of space and time within the protected environment. The Community is situated in a farmhouse in Barberino di Mugello District and can house up to a maximum of 12 people, over the age of 18, of either sex. We’re dealing with a gradual programme that guides the individual towards self-awareness and the management of his/her emotions, towards becoming responsible,  towards the search for and valuing of his/her own individual resources, from an emotional, professional and social perspective.

Enrolment in the programme happens through referral from Addiction Services (SerD) in the place of residence of the individual in question. The duration of the stay, albeit flexible and modular, is based on the individual strategy defined by the Addiction Services clinic of origin, the Service team and the individual themselves, at the time of enrolment.

The occupational and workshop activities, which include the cultivation of saffron, horticulture and managing an olive grove, constitute precious working tools that lead to the development of skills and useful resources that are required to undertake the subsequent step back into the socio-economic environment.


Tuscany Support Services, U.I.P.E. di Firenze, MMG and Local Psychiatric Services run by the Central Health-board (USL Centro), training agencies, recreational clubs, local cultural/sporting/volunteer associations, especially the Catalyst Theatre Company Association.

Commissioned by: USL Centro Toscana

Located in: Barberino di Mugello (FI) – Via di Pulica 29

Objectives reached: Every year 12 people are admitted.