Insieme “San Martino” Shelter

The “Insieme San Martino” Residential Shelter Centre is a programme based on immediate enrolment, aimed at people with problems relating psychoactive substance and alcohol addiction, even those in drug replacement therapy. In the centre, it is possible for a maximum of 12 people, over the age of 18 and of either sex, to be enrolled.  Individual projects are developed for each of them.

Enrolment in the programme comes about through a referral from the Addiction Services (SerD) in the place of residence of the person in question. The duration of the stay, albeit modular, is 3 months. The programme offers the individual the opportunity to detox and/or establish a drug replacement therapy plan in a safe, non-medicated environment. It is a flexible programme that develops over time in synergy with the individual’s needs, with the main aim being to offer a place where he/she can “take a breath” and experience an alternative way of dealing with his/her problems; reorganise his/her personal resources and when possible, work on a structured project for the future, together with the operators working in the Centre and Addiction Services staff. 

Commissioned by: USL Central Health-board Tuscany

Located in: Loc. San Martino a Scopeto, 10  – Vicchio di Mugello.

Objectives Reached: Every year, about 48 people are enrolled in the Centre