Information and orientation help-desks for immigrants are important tools that encourage integration, participation and that give foreign nationals a sense of citizenship, as well as representing a connection point for all parties who are involved in the integration process: public services and institutions, public and private social cooperatives, volunteers, agencies etc…

By means of an integrated model with Local Bodies (co-planning and co-management of services), CAT manages the Florence, Calenzano and Campi Bisenzio City Council help-desks. In particular, CAT has been managing, together with Florence City Council, the Immigration Helpdesk for more than 10 years now. This  service is aimed at foreign national citizens, immigrants and non-EU nationals who come into contact with Public Administration Offices in relation to immigration and residency legislation in Italy. The Helpdesk handles immigration rights and works in collaboration with the City Council Management, the Prefecture’s Office (Prefettura) and the Police Headquarters (Questura), all of whom deal with foreign nationals.

It is an essential tool for citizens who wish to be in contact with the various local authorities and ensure legal residency in the region. The Helpdesk represents a link between all the various authorities, the region and citizenship. The Immigration Helpdesk offers information, consultation and orientation services regarding immigration and asylum, registry office information (documentation and appointments), assistance, by appointment, for the compilation of online applications (e.g. residence permit renewal, family reunification, Italian language tests etc.), cultural and linguistic mediation, submission and collection of suitability of accommodation certifications. It is open from Monday to Friday and deals with queries and consultation requests both over the phone and in person, in Villa Pallini, in Via Baracca 150p.

Commissioned by: Florence, Campi Bisenzio and Calenzano City Councils

Located in: Florence, Campi Bisenzio and Calenzano.