CAT is the leader in its field, with a team of qualified staff working in the area who run intervention models in the context of marginality (in particular, prostitution and trafficking). This has led to the promotion of innovative training methodologies for mediators, integrating them with the team, and giving them knowledge on issues relating to immigration, while guiding the concepts of inter-cultural communication towards a methodology and transversal focus on the Cooperative’s interventions.

CAT has always given importance to the versatility of the mediator’s role, regarding it as an additional attribute.

The cultural-linguistic mediation services managed by CAT, such as interpreting and translation, are available in various sectors and contexts: social, health, administrative, penitentiary, legal and educational, both in office settings, on the street and low-threshold settings, help-desks etc…

Over the years, the mediators who work with CAT have developed specialist skills in the different areas that are both diversified and service-focused. This is thanks to the fact that they have established themselves as part of the cooperative team, taking part in upgrade and integration training courses, and adhered to an ethical code, born out of the experience of the mediators themselves. This is then shared with the cooperative’s partners (Consorzio Metropoli, ARCI Firenze) with whom some services are co-managed.

Contact: Leslie Mechi

Located in: Florence, Tuscany

Commissioned by: Florence City Council, ASL, Careggi University Hospital, Florence Prefecture’s Office