il cannocchiale day center

For over thirty years CAT , in collaboration with Addiction Services in the north-west of Florence, has managed the therapeutic-rehabilitation programme for drug addicts:  il Cannocchiale (The Telescope). The centre houses drug addicts who are in the rehabilitation phase. Initially, they attend the centre in the mornings only, for a period of preparation for the afternoon and evening sessions. People who are enrolled in the programme, which has a duration of 18 months, are kept busy for several hours over the course of the day, doing rehabilitation activities. They continue however to live with their families, with whom it is essential the Centre shares common goals.

They take part in various activities that all have one common goal: developing independence and reactivating personal skills that may have been lost over time due to substance abuse. Activities are educational and carried out in small groups, with a maximum of 8 participants, and the cornerstone of all the activities is interaction with others. The weekly programme includes outings of a historical/artistic nature and for the purposes of getting to know the social, health and cultural services that are available in the local area; mornings are devoted to physical activities; training programmes that include reading the daily newspapers, learning basic computer skills, photography, painting.  There is also a psychological support group. Furthermore, there is a garden to keep and manage. This promotes a sense of responsibility and correct eating habits. Through photography, theatre direction and storytelling workshops, the Centre aims to awaken a different point of view and to achieve concrete final productions, such as a themed calendar, with photographs taken by the service users, and a short film that tells the story of the lives they have lived.

Contact: Giovanna Campioni

Commissioned by: Ser.D. di Sesto Fiorentino

Located in: north-west area