Academic support services

Il Cerchio and Tutta mia la città are services that offer academic support, socialisation activities but also assistance in the field of parenthood. The services are on offer in out-of-school hours and are aimed at teens who live in the area and/or attend Middle School. Since 2012, in both organisations, there have been psychological help-desks available that have the objective of offering teenagers and their families a support system and a moment of reflection, while at the same time providing the operators with a point of reference and an opportunity to compare notes.  Tutta mia la città is an after-school service that has been active since 2002 and is aimed at kids aged between 10 and 14 years that attend Middle School in the Quartiere 3 area of Florence. The educational services offer activities that range from academic and educational support to the elaboration of cultural activities, with the objective of contributing towards organisational autonomy and independent thinking through a method based on the entirety and central role of the individual (learning centred) and the realisation of an educational environment in which personal motivation is developed. Since 2016, an additional service based on Creative Writing service called “Narrazione in gioco” has been in place.


This is an after-school service that has been in place since 2012 for two hours in the afternoon, twice a week. It is aimed at the kids who attend Middle School in the Quartiere 2 area of Florence.  This educational service offers activities relating to socialisation and learning with the objective of promoting the development of positive relational behaviour and a constructive use of time. It also offers academic support with the objective of promoting growth and developing skills in autonomy and self-esteem in teenagers. Tuttoinsieme is a project aimed at classes with disabled students and its objectives are to help these students through workshops, relational processes, integration and socialisation in the school setting, as well as improving their levels of personal autonomy.  It has been in place since 2003, with different workshop proposals, within the realm of CRED Ausilioteca (Centre for Educational and Didactic Resources) from Florence City Council. CAT’s programme from 2017-2018 was divided into two different types of workshop: “Il Corpo Parlante”, a theatrical training programme based on movement and bodily expression and the Music Therapy and Music-motricity workshop, created in order to bring children and teenagers closer to the world of music and to rhythm through play and musical improvisation.

Contact: Cinzia Beneforti

Il cerchio: Quartiere 2, palazzina Ex-Fila in Via Monsignor L. Casini

Tutta mia la città: Quartiere 3, Via Bretagna n°48 presso il Centro Giovani Gavinuppia

Tuttinsieme: Scuole dell’Infanzia, Primarie e Secondarie di Primo Grado del Comune di Firenze

Commissioned by: Florence City Council Department of Education