Anti-traffiking Helpline number

The Regional  Anti-trafficking Helpline Number is 186086: it is a support service for victims that offers counselling and orientation towards social protection programmes. It is open 24 hours a day for people in difficulty who need to access the service. It is anonymous and free of charge for all service users. The operators offer counselling in relation to different trafficking and exploitation contexts, giving pertinent information on the opportunities that Italian law gives to victims of exploitation. Within the SATIS (Tuscan Anti-trafficking Social Intervention System) the helpline number is a point of reference for all system operators who manage victim emergencies; dispatching linguistic mediators on the ground, looking for sleeping accommodation in regional and national shelter facilities; coordinating procedures and collaboration with the Local Commission in relation to the provision of “anti-trafficking consultations”.

Contact: Serena Mordini

Located in: Provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.

Commissioned by: Florence City Council; Department of Equal Opportunity in the Prime Minister’s Office, Region of Tuscany – Department for Social Inclusion, Local co-financing with City Councils, Provincial Councils and Health-boards